We’re extremely excited to share our new podcast “How They Made It.” In each episode we talk to a wood or metalworker to learn how they achieved success in their industry. 

Episode 1

How to make your woodworking Instagram iconic with Rick Staggs of Greenbelt Woodworks.

Join us as Rick shares tips from his career as a professional photographer to help you take your instagram to the next level.

Episode 2

How to make it as a woodturner with Ivan Benavides of Seaside Wood Co.

Today Ivan shares how his passion for salvaging reclaimed wood led him to become one of the premier woodturners in South Texas.

Episode 3

How to make it in the custom cabinetry industry with Peter Polcyn.

Peter shares how he went from working construction in Ohio to becoming one of the top custom cabinet makers in Central Texas.

Episode 4

How to make great woodworking content with Luke Gelman.

Luke explains how pandemic boredom led him to try his hand at woodworking and create some amazingly entertaining content in the process.