We’re extremely excited to share our new podcast “How They Made It.” In each episode we talk to a wood or metalworker to learn how they achieved success in their industry. 

Episode 1

How to make your woodworking Instagram iconic with Rick Staggs of Greenbelt Woodworks.

Join us as Rick shares tips from his career as a professional photographer to help you take your instagram to the next level.

Episode 2

How to make it as a woodturner with Ivan Benavides of Seaside Wood Co.

Today Ivan shares how his passion for salvaging reclaimed wood led him to become one of the premier woodturners in South Texas.

Episode 3

How to make it in the custom cabinetry industry with Peter Polcyn.

Peter shares how he went from working construction in Ohio to becoming one of the top custom cabinet makers in Central Texas.

Episode 4

How to make great woodworking content with Luke Gelman.

Luke explains how pandemic boredom led him to try his hand at woodworking and create some amazingly entertaining content in the process.

Episode 5

How to make it as a woodworking influencer with Rob Rein aka Ginger Woodworks.

We talk to Rob about his journey into woodworking and how he gained hundreds of thousands of fans.

Episode 6

How to make it as a metal origami artist with Martin Taylor.

Martin shares his journey from prototyping in Silicon Valley to turning heads with his incredible sculptures.

Episode 7

How to make it in the welding industry with Tyler Caton.

Tyler shares his experience as a professional welder while offering tips and advice to develop a successful career.

Episode 8

How to make it as a woodworking content creator with Jay Mowder.

Join us as Jay shares how he grew his own fanbase and how he’s taking the Woodpeckers social content to the next level.

Episode 9

How to make it restoring timber frame structures with Miles Jenness.

Miles explains how he started and grew his business, Vermont Heavy Timber, by restoring historic buildings and timber frame structures.

Episode 10

How to make it as a world-class welding content creator with Nat Bowman.

We go one-on-wone with the Weld Scientist to learn how he creates some of the most epic fabrication content on the planet.

Episode 11

How to make it as a circus equipment fabricator with Tim Omspach.

Tim shares his journey from industrial fabricator to circus equipment icon with his business VVolfy Metal Works.

Episode 12

How to make it as a custom hot rod shop owner with Anton Lanesky.

We ride shotgun with Anton as he shares his journey in the performance automotive industry.

Episode 13

How to make it as a metal sculptor with Leah Jeffery.

Leah shares her experience from studying metal fabrication to producing incredible metal art.

Episode 14

How to make it from woodworking to metal fabrication with Lucas D’Angelo.

Lucas shares his experience as a Jack-all-trades-in-fabrication, while growing his social presence on Instagram.

Episode 15

How to make it as a modern blacksmith with Darrin Hiles.

Darrin shares his passion for fabrication – from his day job as an automotive technician to his side hustle as a blacksmith.

Episode 16

How to make it as a surfboard maker with Martijn Stiphout.

Join us as Martijn shares the passion, process and how he grew his brand Ventana Surfboards.

Episode 17

How to make it as a fine hardwood furniture maker with Jack Cerchiara.

Jack shares his journey as a woodworker and how he came to found his brand Salish Sea Woodworks.

Episode 18

How to make it as a DIY educator with Anika Gandhi.

Anika shares how she transitioned from her first career as an Electrical Engineer to starting her business Anika’s DIY Life. 

Episode 19

How to make it as a leather artist with Brandon Corral.

We talk to Brandon about his journey into the world of leather arts and how he founded his business Swift Hammer Leather.

Episode 20

How to make it as a custom furniture maker with Andy Brownell.

Andy shares how he went from a career in advertising to a (very successful) side hustle as a furniture maker. 

Episode 21

How to make it in the world of woodworking with Jack Bassett.

Jack shares advice for success in the woodworking industry and discusses his new venture Hammer and Bell Design.

Episode 22

How to make it as a metal artist with David Groenjes.

David shares his journey into the world of metal arts and how he found success sculpting incredibly detailed wildlife.

Episode 23

How to make it as a furniture making influencer with Huy Huynh.

Huy joins us to share his journey from aerospace engineer to woodworking icon, and how he grew his Instagram @Alabama Woodworker. 

Episode 24

How to make it by making monster metal art with Zac Shavrick.

Zac shares his journey from welding as a toddler to make outrageous monsters out of metal.

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