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Woodworking is a craft that requires precision, skill, and passion. Justin Anderson may call himself a “hobbyist,” but his work speaks for itself. From intricate toolboxes to beautiful acoustic guitars, Justin’s creations are a testament to his dedication and love for the art of woodworking. In this article, we’ll explore Justin’s journey into the world of woodworking, his use of both hand and power tools, and how he has incorporated sustainability into his lifestyle.

The Journey Begins

In a recent video, Justin Anderson shared his experience with woodworking, describing it as “a zen meditation” that allows him to escape the stress of his day-to-day life. He began woodworking in college, building a platform bed, but put it aside as his job required him to travel extensively. It wasn’t until 2008 when he decided to build a mantel for his mother-in-law that the woodworking bug bit him again.

A Passion for Guitars

Justin’s love for woodworking grew, eventually leading him to a new project: building his own acoustic guitar. After months of research, he delved into the finer side of woodworking, meticulously crafting his instrument. This project showcased his dedication to the art and his desire to always improve and learn new skills.

The Hybrid Woodworker

Justin considers himself a hybrid woodworker, using both power tools and hand tools in his projects. He appreciates the escape that hand tools provide, and takes pride in the skill involved in their use. For those looking to upgrade their power tools, Sawblade.com offers a variety of options, such as the 101 Series Flex Back Carbon Band Saw Blades and Hard Back Carbon Qsaw Band Saw Blades. Additionally, for those with Laguna, Delta, or Grizzly bandsaws, guide upgrade kits are available to improve your equipment.

A Sustainable Lifestyle

Beyond woodworking, Justin and his wife have embraced a sustainable lifestyle, raising chickens, quail, and growing their own vegetables in their backyard garden. They strive to be more self-sufficient, reducing their reliance on external sources for food. Justin’s commitment to sustainability extends to his woodworking, where he takes pride in creating pieces that will last for generations to come.

Resources for Woodworkers

For those looking to learn more about woodworking or seeking inspiration, the internet offers a wealth of resources. Bandsawmanuals.com provides over 700 free bandsaw manuals, while Sawblade.tv hosts over 300 woodworking videos to help enthusiasts hone their skills and learn new techniques.


Justin Anderson’s passion for woodworking is evident in every project he undertakes. His commitment to learning and improving, as well as his desire to live a sustainable life, serves as an inspiration for fellow woodworkers and hobbyists. As Justin’s story shows, when you combine dedication, skill, and creativity, the possibilities in the world of woodworking are truly endless.

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