America was made by makers. Carpenters. Blacksmiths. Welders and woodworkers. Together, they made more than things. They made America the greatest nation on earth.

And that same spirit of craft and quality lives on to this very day – in the lives and work of those who carry the storied tradition of making. We believe their stories deserve to be told and we couldn’t be more proud to share them. Because at, we are Made for Makers.

Jordan Goetz

Furniture Maker

After moving from Southern California to Austin, Jordan founded Growler Domestics with a single goal in mind: To make high quality, one of a kind pieces that are as unique as the people who commission them. In just a few short years, Jordan has grown the brand from a small garage start up to one of the leading custom fabrication studios in Texas.

Justin Anderson


Justin may define himself as a “hobbyist,” but his passion and skill far surpass that of most weekend warriors. Whether he’s making a toolbox with immaculate dovetail joints or an acoustic guitar with pitch perfect tone, one thing’s for sure: when he’s in his shop, all is right in his world.

Sarah Conway


The trades are a great way to make a living. But for Sarah, it completely changed her life. As a teen, she loved making jewelry. But it wasn’t until she took her first welding class, that she realized the true potential she had within herself. Now, she helps create stunning pieces of metal art, while inspiring others to follow their dreams.

Rick Staggs


Rick has always had a knack for creative pursuits. First, as a musician. Then, as an audio engineer, a photographer, and now as the owner of Greenbelt Woodworks. His ability to blend the art of photography with the craft of woodworking has led him to create one of the most uniquely beautiful Instagram accounts: @greenbeltwoodworks.

Michael Maximo

Furniture Maker

As a kid in South Texas, Michael learned his way around a toolbox while helping his dad move houses. But it wasn’t until the 2008 recession that he began to dabble in woodworking. Fast forward to today, and Michael is one of the most accomplished and sought after furniture makers in the state.

Drew Fisher


If you’ve ever searched “woodworking” on YouTube, chances are you’ve come across Drew Fisher. With more than 300,000 subscribers and millions of views, his videos are a staple of woodworking social media. His content is hilarious. His projects are incredible. And he just happens to be a truly nice guy.

Zachary Fernandez


One thing is clear, Zachary Fernandez never met a challenge he didn’t accept. A firefighter by trade, he has one of the most physically demanding jobs on the planet. But that doesn’t stop him from putting in the hours in the shop, as well. He makes everything from furniture to skimboards to – you guessed it – axes.

Ivan Benavides


Ivan Benavides grew up near the South Texas coast. It was an environment that gave him a deep appreciation for nature. It’s one of the reasons he creates functional art with locally salvaged wood. His ability to find beauty in the imperfect has made him one of the most iconic artists in the region.

Sarah Barnes

Wood Artist

As an athlete, Sarah Barnes achieved the highest levels of success – earning a Division I scholarship in volleyball. But when her time on the court ended, she applied her incredible work ethic to cultivate an entirely new skillset as a wood artist. From geometric patterns to stunning landscapes, her dedication to craft has allowed her to turn her passion into a successful profession. 

Ben Butler

Carpenter and Craftsman

Some people have to start their morning with coffee. For Ben Butler, he has to start his day by making something. From fine furniture to leather belts to DIY home repairs, few have the breadth of experience and knowledge possessed by Ben. But it’s his passion for hard work that truly sets him apart, making him an inspiration to thousands across the country.  

Patrick Irvin

Furniture Maker

Patrick Irvin has always had a passion for art, culture and mid-century modern design. It’s what led him to leave a successful cabinet making business and pursue a career as a fine furniture maker. Now he creates some of the most stunning custom furniture pieces in the world, from his home shop in Boise, Idaho.

Huy Huynh

Furniture Maker

Huy Huynh was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the US in 1985. His family worked in the trades and Huy developed a passion for “hands-on” activities from an early age. Flash forward 30 years, and Huy is now an aerospace engineer, analyzing rocket propulsion systems. But he still finds satisfaction in his free-time building custom furniture pieces for a variety of clients.

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