Huy Huynh | Episode 12

Huy Huynh is a man of many talents. Born in Vietnam, he immigrated to the United States in 1985 and went on to become an aerospace engineer. Despite his impressive career, Huy still finds time to indulge in his true passion: woodworking. This article will explore Huy’s journey, his love for creating custom furniture pieces, […]

Patrick Irvin | Episode 11

A Passion for Mid-Century Modern Design Growing up in Southern California, Patrick Irvin was always drawn to style, sleek and low. This aesthetic would eventually translate into his love for mid-century modern design, an influence that permeates his custom furniture creations. His journey began with a general contracting business that evolved into a focus on […]

Ben Butler | Episode 10

Meet Ben Butler, the Woodworking Maestro Ben Butler’s passion for woodworking started in high school, and since then, he has been on a continuous journey to master his craft. His experience ranges from working as a general contractor to framing houses, and now he conducts wildfire research for the Forest Service. Despite his 12-14 hour […]

Sarah Barnes | Episode 9

From Volleyball Star to Woodworking Prodigy Sarah Barnes’ journey from a Division I volleyball player to a renowned wood artist is nothing short of inspiring. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for her craft, she has carved a niche for herself in the world of woodworking. This article delves into her unique […]

Ivan Benavides | Episode 8

Ivan Benavides, a South Texas-based woodturner, has gained widespread recognition for his unique ability to create functional art using locally salvaged wood. With a deep appreciation for nature and a talent for finding beauty in the imperfect, his work has become iconic in the region. In this article, we explore the captivating journey of Ivan […]

Zachary Fernandez | Episode 7

Zachary Fernandez is a man of many talents. As a dedicated firefighter, he has spent years serving his community and saving lives. In his free time, he has developed an undeniable passion for woodworking, crafting unique and meaningful pieces. This article delves into the life of Zachary Fernandez, his love for woodworking, and how he […]

Drew Fisher | Episode 6

Drew Fisher, a prominent name in the woodworking community, has an inspiring story of growth and perseverance. With over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, Fisher has become an influential figure for aspiring woodworkers. In this article, we’ll delve into his journey, from humble beginnings to creating awe-inspiring furniture and offering valuable insights for woodworking enthusiasts. The […]

Michael Maximo | Episode 5

The Power of Constraints in Design Michael Maximo, a renowned furniture maker from South Texas, emphasizes the importance of constraints in design. When given a set of requirements, such as size or function, his creativity flourishes. This enables him to craft unique, functional, and aesthetically pleasing pieces that cater to his clients’ needs. Having specific […]

Rick Staggs | Greenbelt Woodworks | Episode 4

Rick Staggs is a multi-talented individual who has dabbled in various creative fields, including music, audio engineering, and photography. His latest venture, Greenbelt Woodworks, has led to a unique blend of woodworking and photography, as showcased in his stunning Instagram account @greenbeltwoodworks. In this article, we explore his journey from a musician to a woodworker […]

Sarah Conway | Episode 3

The Art of Metalworking: Sarah’s Story As a young girl, Sarah Conway found herself drawn to the world of metalworking. Growing up on a farm in Longmont, Colorado, she developed a love for hands-on activities and an appreciation for the beauty of metal art. Her journey began when her mother enrolled her in a jewelry-making […]

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